“Who will be at my funeral?”

Have you ever thought about that? I have. But i never really thought it through.

You see, there’s this thing that’s kind of a trend now. Talking about fake friends and those who only care when you’re terminally ill or dead. Or when they need something from you. And yeah, that’s annoying. But these last few months whenever I start to wonder who’ll come, who’ll be crying, stuff like that, my brain stops me with…

“Stop it. It’s not going to affect you in any way.”

And more recently…

“Don’t be a selfish attention whore.”

And I got confused over this for a while. ‘Til today, that is.

You see, it’s not evil to want to know that people care for you. Love, or at least attention, is a basic social need. Still, sometimes people care in the strangest of ways. They may also mourn for your death in a different way.

Guess what? They’re probably the closest friends you have. Let’s say they got together to remember all the wacky stuff you did together. Chances are, there’ll be a laugh here and there in the midst of all the nostalgia.

Besides, I want my friends to live on when I die, not to die of depression because I’m gone. I still want them to have fun. If it means forgetting me, then so be it. If the truth is we’ll be aware of this, I’ll probably be a bit sad. Still, why should I be selfish even after death?

Yeah, I’m awesome, aren’t I? 😉

Let’s move on to the other reason on why thinking about this is dumb.

Did you consider this?  I’m sure you agree to this, in your own way. Now… if you believe this, why bother caring about who’s gonna show up? Let’s say half of the people knew you well. You cared for each other. Half of the rest weren’t all that close to you. Among these people there’s always the possibility of people still caring for you as a human being or whatever, even when you’re just on nodding terms. Let’s give them a pass.

But what about the others?

Some are there just because they know you. Maybe they reluctantly came because you’ve been on a project together. Maybe they’re there because they know someone close to you and are there to cheer them up. Lighten the mood a bit. Be the shoulder to cry on.

Strangers, accompanying your friends, may also be present. Or you’re a part of an organization and they’re representing it. You know, kind people who’ll give their time to a dead body. Perhaps if you’ve met, you would’ve liked each other. Doesn’t make a difference now, does it? And if you could see them, would you be touched? “Oh my gosh, complete strangers care for me!”

Nope. Probably not.

And guess what? Here’s the most important fact you’ve probably overlooked…


What difference would the number of people coming to your funeral make? Would you suddenly be denied Heaven just because you didn’t meet the quota of 50 people who genuinely care for you coming to the funeral or 100 people crying over your death?

Get real.

You won’t get to experience them caring for you again anyway. Better to worry about people who care for you now. In this world and realm. You savvy?


Love and Fear

When you love the stars too much
You don’t mind the dark of night
You feel no fright
You’re too close to the light

When you love the rain
You don’t shy away from each drop that falls
You might not mind colds at all
Sneezing every ten minutes or so is okay
Rather than staying inside when rain comes
You want to go out and play

When you love the sea
You’d drive far just to be near
Of drowning you have no fear
You’re too much of an expert in swimming
With all the time you’ve spent snorkeling and diving

When you love a pet you spend so much on it
You don’t really care how much it costs
Toward it for long you can’t be cross

When you love shopping you don’t worry at all
About the time you waste in sales, visiting each stall
Or taking out cards, either debit or credit
Having items you love is just worth it

When you love learning something you don’t tremble
in the face of exams
You have what you need to know in your temple
Things others find boring seem so exciting
You’re surprised to know others may find it revolting

When you love hiking you don’t mind
Having broken nails after you’ve climbed
You don’t scream when you see insects
You don’t care
You love the open too much to succumb to a scare

When you love someone you don’t fret
About other people who make bets
How long before the fall? How long will you two last?
You know you and your sweetheart will pass

The future doesn’t seem so horrifying
When you face problems you don’t feel like dying
You have a hand that can hold you and drive out the dread
You don’t get jitters, you feel hope instead

Love cancels out fear
So did Hemingway say

So does the Bible say


And I believe it to be true

How about you?