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The Second Time You Get Your Heart Broken

Nice piece. 😁

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The second time you get your heart broken, you’re going to be annoyed.

You already went through your first heartbreak: You know, that horrible stretch of time where you thought that things would never be okay again. You already relished in the depths of self-pity and engaged in the obligatory six-month period of crying over Adele songs in the shower. Your first heartbreak knocked the wind out of you, but then a miracle happened — you recovered! You came out the other side! You picked yourself up off the ground and with time, you even learned to love again.

Now you know that there’s another side to all of it. You are convinced that you shouldn’t have to go through all that shitty heartbreak stuff again.

“Screw those unproductive months of guzzling wine and cradling old pictures!” you’ll announce. “I get to bypass all of that because I’m older and…

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A Rainy Day Poem

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Rainy days are gloomy ways of reminding me to placate misplaced hate
For I have disgraced many relationships based on biases in corroded states
I watch the rain fall gently onto the pavement as I recall times less bitter
Times when my friends’ shelters were my havens as I watched the rain pitter patter

The latter parts of my life have been grim, with the loneliness of nights being my companions
My relationships with friends always felt as if they shot out of cannons
The insides of me feel hollowed out as the memories of days past are thought about
With a crew I carried a clout; alone I tread in a drought

Daily doubts plague my mind about what I had done with previous companions
Maybe a lack of compassion did me in or maybe it was our struggle to see who could take more cash in

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Here’s What To Do If You Want To Be A Writer

Thought Catalog


So you want to be a writer? Write. Don’t write about how you want to write. Just write. Write anything. At first it’ll be crap. Don’t worry about that. Just keep writing. Getting published doesn’t make you a writer; writing does.

You won’t find your voice as a writer by pondering it over coffee at Starbucks. You won’t find it for $49.95 at some workshop. You’ll find it by writing. Those authors you admire found their style by writing hundreds upon hundreds of thousands of words no one will ever read.

You don’t need a degree to write. You don’t need a hundred credit hours and a letter of recommendation. You need a story. If your language skills aren’t up to par, by all means take an English class. Education won’t hurt you. But remember, spelling and grammar are not the story. The story is your raw material; spelling…

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10 Reasons Why Most Of My Friends Are Guys

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I’ve always avoided the large groups of girlfriends because it always ends in tears, drama, cat fights and betrayal. I do have my extremely close girlfriends who I trust with my LIFE but here’s why I avoid surrounding myself with a large group of girlfriends.

1. Girl drama

Girls are like wolves seeking their prey when it comes to the latest gossip or drama and life goes on perfectly fine without it. Guy friends don’t give a crap about who kissed who or who’s the latest boyfriend-stealer and they never intentionally create a scene. In a large group of friends, there’s bound to be some boyfriends stealing, secret three-way calling or even the hidden alliances among the group members.

2. Jealousy

Girls are built completely different from guys. They can be vicious and manipulative especially if they see you as a threat. A guy wouldn’t care if you managed…

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What Imperfection Does

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Finding ForresterFinding Forrester

When I first worked at College Humor, back when comments required personalized site accounts, there was a commenter named Sparty80. And Sparty didn’t like me

The comments were harsh. Were personal. Used my full name. Over the course of a few weeks, he’d call out my articles in the comments, call my articles out in the comment sections of other articles, and at one point, I believe he specifically wrote that he was going to name his first born son Lev Novak just so “he could smack Lev Novak in his face.”

He used my full name. I repeat that because that name doesn’t mean much to you, I imagine but it meant a lot to me. It was direct and personal, even behind a screen, to hear somebody call me out like that. Sitting behind my computer, I felt sick- this was a dog whistle. I was…

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17 Things People Who Love Their Lives Do Differently

Thought Catalog

Screen Shot 2014-05-14 at 3.12.31 PM

Not someone who always loves life, just an observer of those who seem to.

1. They don’t respond with a job title when asked “what they do.” Their lives aren’t consumed by work and they aren’t defined by a job or title or position — and that’s exactly what makes it possible for them to actually enjoy those things. They forge their own paths by choosing the ones they enjoy walking down, not just the ones that lead them somewhere else.

2. They keep light roots. They know that wanting to go — from cities, from relationships, from jobs — is enough reason to. They act. They make changes, they do the work. They grow wherever they are, but can move and blossom anywhere. They’re never so attached to anything that their happiness depends on it.

3. They choose where they live based on lifestyle and culture, not on the ability to say they live in one specific…

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