Independent Affections

I like the fact that heartbreak can coexist with love and fondness. I like how bittersweet it is, how the two extremes press each other, creating a shrapnel that pierces the heart and bursts with the spectrum of feelings it contains.

I love that love can stay even if I have to go through heartbreak. I love how love can stay even when I’m in rage or hate or frustration or confusion. I love the wonder of emotions: they can stand together like pillars of Parthenon and infuse my inner world with equally strong colors.

I love love’s independence. Love can morph into so many forms but once it’s intact it’s hard to uproot. Love can rule over my heart and affect my thoughts without poisoning my brain. It may hamper some activities but never really paralyze me.

I just love love, I guess. I fear because of it, I fret. Yet, I still feel. I still love against all odds. I love that.


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