If you’ve met me in real life, the word “talkative” has a high probability of coming out when you’re describing me. But though I’m like that at times, I don’t easily open up to people. I always keep parts of stories to myself.

Sometimes I just feel like I can’t trust people. Add that to the fact that if I share my problems when it’s not resolved, I have a tendency to mull over it more than I should, so when I do tell anyone, most of the drama (if any) has already passed.

But what may be my strongest reason to not tell, even when I trust the person, is that I know I can get through my problems. I’m not someone who’s reticent. If I need advice, I’ll ask for it. Most times, what I need when I tell is just to get weight of my shoulders. I’m not looking for compassionate or pitying looks, nor any words of wisdom (though if it’s nice and has a good ring to it I’ll be glad to hear it).

When I tell you something personal, what I’m looking for is acknowledgement to show you’ve been listening, and no more. Besides, a lot of people turn uncomfortable and don’t know what to say/do. Better not to bother in my case.

I just need a pair of hearing ears, that’s all.

So, what do you look for when sharing sob stories (or any stories)? Solace? Closure? A pat on the back? Do tell, if you’re up to it.


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