Here’s What To Do If You Want To Be A Writer

Thought Catalog


So you want to be a writer? Write. Don’t write about how you want to write. Just write. Write anything. At first it’ll be crap. Don’t worry about that. Just keep writing. Getting published doesn’t make you a writer; writing does.

You won’t find your voice as a writer by pondering it over coffee at Starbucks. You won’t find it for $49.95 at some workshop. You’ll find it by writing. Those authors you admire found their style by writing hundreds upon hundreds of thousands of words no one will ever read.

You don’t need a degree to write. You don’t need a hundred credit hours and a letter of recommendation. You need a story. If your language skills aren’t up to par, by all means take an English class. Education won’t hurt you. But remember, spelling and grammar are not the story. The story is your raw material; spelling…

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