10 Reasons Why Most Of My Friends Are Guys

Thought Catalog


I’ve always avoided the large groups of girlfriends because it always ends in tears, drama, cat fights and betrayal. I do have my extremely close girlfriends who I trust with my LIFE but here’s why I avoid surrounding myself with a large group of girlfriends.

1. Girl drama

Girls are like wolves seeking their prey when it comes to the latest gossip or drama and life goes on perfectly fine without it. Guy friends don’t give a crap about who kissed who or who’s the latest boyfriend-stealer and they never intentionally create a scene. In a large group of friends, there’s bound to be some boyfriends stealing, secret three-way calling or even the hidden alliances among the group members.

2. Jealousy

Girls are built completely different from guys. They can be vicious and manipulative especially if they see you as a threat. A guy wouldn’t care if you managed…

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