My life is like a box of chocolates
I’ll never know what I’ll get
But I fear people who pick pieces of me
and then forget
to give back
Thus I’m left hollow
full of regret

My life is like space
it’s mostly all there is—space
Nothingness fills me
it daunts me
It says that I’ll never find meaning
that in the end I’ll be just that

I can handle being a nobody
I can not care about things said by everybody
but being nugatory?
It’s scary

It’s nothingness
that bridges
between life and mere existence
I’d like to experience the former
and only think of the latter
even if to live is to suffer

I fear the day I wake up and cry
knowing I have no purpose in life
hoping that I’ll just die
because all I went through is futile
Because there’s not a shred
of toil and work and sweat
that would bring a smile

I felt a tap on my shoulder
interrupting my little session of ponder
It’s a friend of mine
he asks,

“What is it, I wonder,
what are the thoughts that you’re thinking?”

I answer,
“Oh, nothing.”


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