This Is Me

This is me

I’m full of ignorance for the sake of bliss
It’s always the little things I miss
Trying to find some meaning in life
That all I’m doing isn’t useless strife

This is me

Just some wacko freak A brat with a maverick streak
Having more fun reading than partying
Just because I find too much people can get annoying
Too much strangers, to be exact

This is me

Looking for comedy in life for entertainment
To words and such I’ve given my commitment
I find their presence soothing
And lack of them empowering

This is me

Depressed, and in my own way, lonely
Other people just seem like an anomaly
Whilst I can look happy, constantly laughing
Socializing can be awfully draining

This is me
Ignore all this
Ignore me

I’ll live


6 thoughts on “This Is Me

      1. It’s not ignorance when you actually TRY to ignore stuff/people. But lately when my friends talk to me about problems, I keep thinking, “So what?” It’s definitely made my life simpler. 🙂

      2. I know. Then I just tell my friends what I think (well, I admit with the additional sugarcoating at times).

        A simple life? It’s different for everyone. *sighs*

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