On Boys Who Find “Dumb” Girls Cute

I don’t think guys who find “dumb” girls cute are something people should gush over. I mean, if they ask every once in a while, it’s cute. They may have been daydreaming a bit during the convo, or lost track of it. That’s fine. We all do that. Plus they make priceless faces. But if it’s something constant, and you need to explain every little thing people in general should know, how do you stand it?

Let me clarify something first, though. By definition of “dumb”, I don’t mean stupid as in constantly getting poor scores in school throughout your whole entire life.  I mean girls who don’t even know what UNESCO is, or does. Those whose eyebrows scrunch together in confusion when you and another friend have a debate about “leftist” people. Of course, it also depends on how old you really are and stuff. The things above are okay if you’re twelve, but if you’re in your twenties, you at least ought to know the definition of major political views.

There are some things you just need to know to be a “decent” human being. Sometimes I just gape when a friend asks about things like “What’s happening in Syria?” or “‘Communism’? What’s that?”

It’s sad to see that many people in the information era don’t know this things. And don’t give a damn until they read it in a textbook and are afraid it might show up in exams as an example or something. A lot of people say I’m smart ’cause I don’t study much and tend to know things in class. I’m not. I get remedial tests and stuff. As for why I know random facts, it’s because of mattering I do for prep motions in debate, and I actually read news from time to time. I’m not that well informed, but am enough to know what’s generally going on in the world. Plus, I have a few friends who like to keep up with ongoing news too.

Why don’t people read more? I keep hearing people say that they don’t like to read since it’s boring and they don’t like it. Some of the same people are able to read long chats and articles in magazines for tips they already know.

Boys, if any of you are reading this, please try to find a girl that shares the same interests with you, knowledge wise. Whether you keep up with international news or the cultural trends. Otherwise, you’ll find it annoying to explain every little detail to her in between conversations. Sure, you may find them cute. And feel smart because you actually get to explain stuff. But it gets straining after a while. And when she’s talking about stuff you’ll feel like there’s some sort of gap, some sort of distance between the both of you. Choose a partner that’s, in a way, the same league as you.

Yes, differences make life more colourful. I never said otherwise. Yes, being in the same circle everywhere can get boring. That I agree with. But you need some sort of a base. Understanding to what extent your partner (or even just a friend you hang out with) knows about certain subjects. It’ll save the both of you from awkward moments.

Then again, once you accept these things and choose to be open-minded, learning new stuff is fun. Just don’t ask questions, pretend to be interested, then listen throughout a long, long conversation solely because you feel bad about saying you’re not interested. You’re wasting time and the other’s voice. (Differ this from trying to be interested. Some just want to catch attention, others are really endeavoring to get to know what their loved ones love.)

And girls, this goes for you too.


6 thoughts on “On Boys Who Find “Dumb” Girls Cute

    1. I know. I mean, I expect people living in a city where information’s so easy to get (not to mention we’re in high school!) to at least have a vague idea about what it is. Frankly, some in my class only found out what it is during history class.

      Well, glad to be of entertainment to you. 🙂

      1. Hoho, I couldn’t wait to finish high school.

        Most of my classmates were extremely dumb. I mean, they could talk only about 4 things: clothes, boys/girls, sex, parties. Sometimes I just wanted to buy a gun and shoot them all, so they could not interrupt me from studying 😀

        (Sorry for my English, it’s not my first language)

      2. Meh, tell me about it (well, minus the sex). I’m glad I never got stuck with those kind of people. But it’s no fun talking constantly about serious stuff either. All things in moderation. 🙂

        No worries, it ain’t my first language either. What’s yours, then?

      3. Well…russian girls may be rather slutty (i’m not sure that this word exists :DD ), so that talks were rather common between them

        Russian -.-
        And yours?

      4. Nah, I doubt it. It’s just a matter of culture. I’m from Indonesia. We’re liberal minded but live a bit on the conservative side.

        Bahasa Indonesia.

        Btw, read your blog. Welcome to the blogging world! 🙂

        I don’t really mingle with other bloggers, personally. I’m still trying to post frequently past the third month lol. xD

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