Don’t Escape Me

I love you like a love song
But you sang to another melody
I don’t know what I’m doing wrong
‘Cause you won’t even look at me

I need you like I need to breathe
But you’d rather let me suffocate
And even when you see me, you leave
I keep believing this is fate

So baby, don’t escape me
Don’t run away from my arms
Please give a chance for a “we”
Don’t be frightened, don’t be alarmed

My darling, don’t escape me
‘Cause I do believe you know
That we’re really meant for each other
Don’t escape me, please don’t go

I love you like a dance
Then you skipped to another beat
I danced to a wild goose-chase
Hoping our paths would meet

I know you are my serenity
But you always keep me at bay
I’m starting to feel the insanity
‘Cause you keep pushing me away

Call me desperate, call me crazy
I’ll wait for you patiently
So darling, don’t escape me
Know that I love you… infinitely

Originally written on a Saturday
February 8th 2012
21.30 - 21.55

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