Random Thoughts of the Day

  1. I don’t think I’ll be able to be 100% sad anymore when I hear The Script’s “If You See Kay”. I mean… think about it. “If you see Kay”. If. You. See. Kay. If-U-C-K. Get it?
  2. Earlier today after eating at a restaurant I headed to the toilet. Just as I walked out I caught a reflection of myself in the mirror, my hair looked purplish because of the lights. And I thought, “I wonder if purple highlights and silver undertones would somehow suit me.”
  3. And a continuation of that: I thought I might just grow out my hair until graduation. Just so the girls could see how I look with long–or at least medium–hair. Then I thought… why the hell would I do that? (Note: my hair hasn’t touched my shoulders since over two years ago.)
  4. How do people build bridges across rivers? You know, the ones that could carry people away because they have such a strong current.
  5. Why are most baby animals (mammals in particular–even the dangerous ones) cute? Have you ever seen a baby hippo? It’s so adorable!
  6. I wonder how long it takes for other people to fall asleep. I can just lie down for an hour and still stay awake. That doesn’t help my daily life, considering I have to wake up quite early even on holidays.
  7. What do other people think about when they have random thoughts?
  8. When I was a kid and understood nothing about sex, I thought kissing someone could make a woman pregnant. The memory surfaced today since I saw a Disney Princess picture kissing her dream prince. Did anyone else go through the same thing as me?
  9. Where should I store coffee if I have to smuggle it inside my own house and hide it from my ever-nosy mom?
  10. How can people not like coffee? I have a friend who can’t stand caffeine, but she still likes coffee nonetheless.
  11. I wonder why I’m so random.

These thoughts were thought in no particular order, and are a part of my daily life. 🙂


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