Dear Butterfly

You’re the one who slipped away
Like a butterfly
Flutter away, flutter away
I’ll hurt, I know, but tell me why
I still wish you happiness everyday

Letting you go was the hardest thing
But now I’m free,
and I shall sing
Not with notes like a singer or musician
but with poetry

Of how I wish you could stay
If only but for another day
Yet I’m happy to know you’re happy
and I want to find that same happiness for me

I was that branch you lived upon as a caterpillar
letting you eat on my leaves
That may seem annoying, and it was
But little did you know when you hid in that cocoon
I thought “I’ve never been lonely like this”

Watching you break out was a joy
Little did I know the end was near
You needed nectar,
you needed flowers

I’m not one who blossoms
I’m not adorned with petals
Not one thing you need you found in me
So you flew away

Dear butterfly, I fell for you
I let you rest on my leaves as an egg
I hold no grudge though I wish you’d have stayed

Dear butterfly, I enjoyed my time with you
Watching you grow
Into the person you are now
I hope you know

Dear butterfly, don’t ever stop spreading your beauty to the world
Don’t ever let people suppress your voice and let it be unheard

Dear butterfly, continue moving forward
Live out loud, live at its seams
I’ll see you in my dreams

Dear butterfly, continue to grow
May each flower you step upon makes you even more strong
Each sip of nectar helps you fly against the wind’s flow
And if you trust in your wings,
you could never go wrong

Dear butterfly, I pray you my wishes
And as you travel the world, build your own bridges,
seeing the world and all its riches

Dear butterfly, I’m still here waiting
Stuck in my roots, but I’m also growing
I wait for a word of success or good news
that you’re now living a dream you yourself did choose

Dear butterfly, please know,
no one can hold you down no more
But I’ll be here in case you need me
Wherever you are, you can always “go back home”


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