5 Things Girls With Short Hair Are Sick Of Hearing

Thought Catalog

1. So does this mean you’re a lesbian?

Yes. I came out of the closest by showing up to my dad’s place with a short haircut. How is this even a thing? The length of my hair has as much to do with my sexuality as does any other arbitrary fashion statement. Because that is what hair is. It is a personal expression of your taste in fashion, and not necessarily a personal expression of your sexuality. One does not always deliberately influence the other. The majority of people you meet who think otherwise aren’t worth your time.

2. You must have a “wild side.”

Sure I do, like the time I jumped out a plane with my best friend when we were 19, but my hair was much longer then. I’ve always been a “do what I want” kind of girl. I recognize not everyone else is, and chopping…

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