The Warmest Color

Blue is the warmest tone.
It’s seen in the sky and water.
Little ripples soon to be gone.

Red is obviously a candidate.
It’s the color of fire,
consuming all in it’s way
fulfilling death’s wish of a human’s fate

Black is the warmest color.
It’s the one red blood turns into
shed by knights of valor.

White may be most warm.
It’s the color of angels and their wings.
Who tell us not to be afraid,
who come down to give God’s aid,
and of danger they warn.

Pink isn’t one to be forgotten.
It’s one connected with love and romance.
The number of dolls in the color are immense.
And like hay in a farm
they keep little girls at night safe and warm.

Yellow is the sun.
That shines through the clouds,
allowing kids to have fun.
They can go out, because it’s warm.

Green and brown like Mother Nature,
warmth brings live to the living.
And what can bring you to live like seeing trees all around?
Or being on the ground,
just lying down?

Maybe purple’s supposed to be the winner.
It keeps us happy during summer,
alive and warm during winter.

Anything can be the warmest color.
It depends on who sees it,
it depends on what they see;
what they see that particular color can be.

But to me the warmest color is you.
It’s the color of your eyes’ hue,
of your skin when it touches mine,
of your soft hair, so divine.

The warmest color is you.
I can see it when you show,
feel it in all the things you do,
hear it in all you bring forth.

The warmest color is you.

It is with you I know love once again.

Sorry for the tacky coloring and the colors themselves. And for the colors that don’t really match the color in the verse. And for skipping some colors.


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