Note to Self

So, yesterday I finally got the Starbucks planner… and immediately filled it with happenings in the days of past. I may of may not post pictures of it later. The planner in Indonesia is really different from the ones you find when you search in Google.

Anyway, it has these patterns in it, like coffee stains from mugs. (Okay, okay, I’ll post the pics tomorrow!) And in the blue mood from the ultimate combo–listening to mellow songs at night with the sound of rain–I found myself writing this in one of the circle stains:

There are just so many things worth remembering in life, but so little that we actually note. All those photos people insist on taking and then uploading, do they ever get looked upon again by the people actually in it?

I’m sentimental about anything (well, most things) from the past. A day can seem a year away, yet at the same time, a minute ago. I keep personal journals and memorabilia. I may not remember it exactly the way it was, but I remember the way I felt, and then I relive it again. It can be so wonderful.

This planner’s meant to keep track of things to come, but I want to use it for so much more. I want it to be a place to keep my memories, note things on a daily basis. But, most of all, I want it to be a place where I plan the life I’ll look upon later in life with a smile.

With love,

I have no idea why I always do this. My two older journals also have some sort of little speeches that motivate me to keep on writing. Maybe I’ll post them later. Yeah, that’d be nice.

Do you do stuff like this too? Write random stuff on random things and such?


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