Just a letter for this Christmas

Now, this is a PERSONAL letter from me. I just post it since I’m too lazy to write a letter (that’ll probably be thrown away without me knowing) and… yes, because posting crummy things is more satisfying compared to writing a crummy little letter.
So, don’t read it if you don’t want to. Merry CHRIST-mas. 🙂
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Dear God,

Hey, how’s everything everywhere going on? Fine and dandy? Well, You’re definitely handling it awesomely, aren’t you? Figures. And I say that in a tone full of pride of You. 😉

So, it’s this time of man’s year again, huh? Are you tired of seeing us not focusing on You? I’d be sad. Heartbroken. Irritated to the point of wrath. But I’m not You. That’s why You’re God, not me. :3

Happy commemoration of Your birth on earth, Lord! Thanks for, You know, saving us. And loving us. And all the other things You’ve done. (Wait, is this turning into a Thanksgiving letter? xD )

Truthfully, I have no idea what to wish You. You already have everything. Maybe, if anything, I can pray for Your love to be felt more. Yeah, that’d be really swell.

Guess this is it. The rest’ll be in our private sessions. 🙂




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