The Big Blue Dragon I Call Brother

I met him through DragonAdopters, a site that’s now down.

My first (typed) words to him were, “Thank you for accepting my offer! :D” more or less. He replied with a simple you’re welcome. I asked where he’s from. He said he’s from his parents. A reluctant answer, but one that made me feel like I’d like to be his friend. And I was. 🙂

To this very day, I don’t know his real name. Is it really George? Or am I mistaken? I just call him by what he wants to be called. I’ve never seen his face, never met him in real life. I barely know him. These are the basic things about him:

Name of choice: Grom (PE)
Living location: Siberia, Russia.
Birthday: July 20s (I forgot if it’s 20th or 21st, but he’s 7 years older than me, that’s for sure).
Likes: dragons, the color blue, long and meaningful conversations, lasagna, pizza, chocolate, pixel art, hugs, random and wonderful chat topics.
Dislikes: being unappreciated, nosy people, the Indonesian laugh “wkwk”, being tickled, coffee’s aftertaste.
Damn. I miss him. A lot.

Somehow, the face I never saw is the one I actually miss the most at times. Yes, he doesn’t come into mind often, but when I do think about him, I feel sad all over and just want to say hi to him again like I usually do. He’s not really that far–just an email away, actually–but it’s not quite the same as chatting with him. I mean, he even told me about a chat app (I forgot the name) where you can see each other typing. All the typos, how long it takes for one to think up a word, all that stuff.

He’s a stranger I talk to. One that I’d gladly stay up with throughout the night just to talk about just anything. I don’t even remember what we’ve talked about, but just thinking about it gives a warm feeling. If it makes any sense at all, he has this sort of presence that can be felt even through the internet.

I love the fact that I can talk about anything to him. And somehow our differences in the things we enjoy and our personalities make the chats interesting. We explain things to each other. Grom makes me feel like a little kid and an adult at the same time. It’s one of the best feelings I know (at least so far in my 17 years).

He doesn’t usually begin conversations, he rarely does with me. I can count the times he’s done that with my fingers. And, mind you, we were in touch for over two years. That’s a LOT of chat sessions. But he doesn’t mind me bugging him most of the time, though his status is offline or away or sleeping. I just type whatever and he’ll answer sooner or later (hey, that rhymes!).

I love that he says he misses me if he does, and I can say the same thing without feeling any awkwardness. I love the way he doesn’t mind me being me. I love that he always replies to my goodbyes with “Good luck, Xenon! :)” though I’ve already gone offline, knowing that I’ll get to read it before I start our next chat. I love living in the virtual little room where he’s a dragon and I’m an orange. I know, it’s random. Well, in my defense, it works.

No, I’m not in love with him. At least not romantically. He’s my big blue brother. One I can run to and expect a warm hug from. I’m pretty sure if we ever met in reality I’d probably do exactly that, provided my parents aren’t watching. (Poor me, having overprotective parents, haha).

Last I checked he’s occupied with life, though. Between work, hobby, and his girlfriend, he’s got everything he needs. And I’m happy for him, I truly am.

I just miss him, that’s all.


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