So, if you don’t know what the hell guenons are, they’re monkeys. A very complicated type at that. Not the species itself, which I’ve never made contact with. Rather, how they’re classified. You see, these monkeys have very colourfufur. There are over fifty colour combinations existing.
They live in groups, and the interesting is I’ve seen the footage of them living in groups of groups; different coloured kinds of guenons living side by side to face the common enemies. Each colour has it’s own alarm for a predator. So the same alarm if a leopard were to pass would be different than if an eagle big enough to snatch one of them was flying too close for comfort. They also do it to make sure they get enough food and water. It’d be a disaster if you’ve been travelling for hours, need food, and you find yourself a tree bearing beautiful flowers producing sweet nectar. The problem is, someone’s already finished it all. Would be a problem, wouldn’t it? Thus, the group thingy.
Overall, I’m not a fan of monkeys. Well, not more than dogs, anyway. But I find them fascinating. And cute. Don’t judge my taste in animals. Seriously. They’re small, colourful, lively (cheeky, but it’s in their nature), what’s not to like?
Oh, here are some pics. I’m not going to post too many, but you can Googlor hopefully check out my Pinterest or searchthere instead. Well, hope you find them as cute as I do. Cheerio!
P.S. Click the first two, I think you can see the caption put in the pins on Pinterest if you do. Haven’t tried it yet, though, and too lazy to do so.

Source: via Shannon on Pinterest

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