Nothing you can do….

They say that the worst thing is being alone.
Others say the worst thing is to feel lonely.
Other still say the worst thing is to feel lonely while not being alone.
No. I think the worst feeling is not being able to do anything about feeling lonely.
‘Cause when you’re alone you can look for company.
When you feel lonely you can find something to do.
When you’re left out you can search for inner peace.
What about when you’re clueless about what to do?
What if you can’t escape that lonely feeling?

The feeling that you don’t belong.
You know? When you’re so used to being lonely, it’s like second nature.
When you’ve been lonely so alone, it feels familiar.
When you feel that being lonely feels like home.
And there’s not a thing you can do about it.
No one cares. They all have their own shit to do.
Left out in misery, you try to find someone who’ll listen.
The thing is… they’re tied to you for a reason.
Money. Grades. Fame. Kindness. Mutual relations. Information.
And so when these things go away, they go away too.
And you’re all alone again.
And you feel lonely again.
And there’s nothing you can do about it.

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